A little humor never hurt anyone…

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I love working on the nights where I can have fun with my nurses. When it is crazy as hell, there just isn’t much time for kidding around. But on a good night, when everything is relatively quiet, well then a well placed practical joke is called for. If I were more creative I could have even more fun, but simple has always been enough for me.

My favorite nurse to mess with we will call her Jane today. Jane and I have worked together for several years now. She can be a witch at times but on a good night we usually get along pretty well. If the night is slow enough we all carve out our places at the desk. Usually the same place all night. Jane will leave her notes, med lists, pens, charts, and maybe even her book (or her Nook if things are going really well) just laying around. When she steps away is when I have my fun. I have done everything from hiding her Nook (got enough from the ransom for a morning soda), adding to her med list (what pt doesn’t need an extra dose of skittles now and then), to just flipping everything around on her desk. Charts upside down. Notes exchanged with the memos hanging on the wall. One night I covered her monitor and notes with post-it notes. The messages ranged from “Good morning!” to random song lyrics. (which unfortunately I couldn’t get out of MY head all that day)

My point here with this ramble is to have fun and mess with people a little. It’s a great way to make 5 min of your shift fly by.


What do you do to pass the time? (or some suggestions to mess with Jane some more…)


5 Responses to “A little humor never hurt anyone…”

  1. No but your antics could cause harm to a patient. I find NO HUMOR in adding stuff to patients charts, messing up a work station, and whatever else you do that you think is funny. If I knew what hospital you worked at, I would forward this to them. But all I can do is maybe send your BLOG link to the place that holds the license’s for LPN’s. THIS IS SCARY! You don’t belong treating people. I read other medical blogs, and while they may tell funny stories about the shit people pull, I respect them for their hard work. I have no respect for the work you do! You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Sorry to scare you Peg. But I feel I need to clarify a few things. I have NEVER in any way altered a chart. EVER. When I say I add things to a med list that list is an unofficial one. Written on a post-it. To be used as a reminder. I know that nurse double and triple checks the meds she gives against the OFFICIAL record. If I thought she gave her meds based on the post-it notes then I would be reporting her to my boss, not having a little harmless fun. I never do these things on a busy night. I only do this on a slow night where I can make sure she sees it anyway.
      And you have never seen the work I do. You have no idea how hard I work. I would absolutely never put pts in any danger. I have dedicated my life to making sure that never happens. What I am posting about here is harmless fun to break up the monotony of a long shift.
      Sorry for the scare but it is really harmless. I promise.

  2. I thought it was really funny ;-). I’m not very creative when it comes to pranks but I have made the occasional mildly inappropriate status Update when a coworker leaves the computer without signing of Facebook 😉

  3. Your explanation doesn’t make me feel any better. I forwarded your post to a close friend whose a nursing supervisor, my friend’s husband, an MD, another friend whose the Head of Patient Relations at Local Teaching Hospital and another nurse and they were ALL horrified. There’s nothing you can say to convince me (or them) that what you are doing is safe. I pray nothing ever happens on your watch! And I know, to some degree, what a nurses job entails as I have many friends in the field. Not too mention I have spent a lot of time in the hospital as a patient and a visitor; not that I know what it’s like to be on the other end of the syringe so too speak. It really doesn’t say much for your integrity as a professional and could bite you in the ass somewhere down the line. And the fact you only do it on a NOT busy night, you know things can change in a heart beat, you can get called away, the nurse can get called away, and then things can go bad in minutes without any notice. I really don’t mean to give you a hard time, it’s just not funny, and could be dangerous and as a patient this post scares the crap out of me (among the others who have read it).

    • I am sorry I couldn’t alleviate your fears.
      However, the nurses I work alongside every night see the joke and recognize it for the humor it does entail. If any one of them were concerned about pt safety, it would have been reported. Not to mention our current nurse manager once worked in the trenches with us. If it wad a concern she would have put a stop to it as well.

      And one more point, you have not been there to see what happens. You are making assumptions on your interpretations of my words.
      I am sorry this has ruffled the feathers of you and your friends, and this was not meant as a horror blog, so feel free to stop reading anytime…

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