Leave. It. On….

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

Please, if we put a bandage on your leg we do it for a reason. You have an OPEN wound. We have some NASTY germs floating around. After all we have an abundance of sick people just laying around. I am sure that wound stings and burns. However please don’t just rip the bandage off and throw it on the floor. If you must remove the bandage (and I am aware it is only so you can scratch it), please call and let us help you. So that at least it is put in the trash and not on the floor. And we can replace the bandage.

And on another note, you have NO idea if I would have told you no. You never asked me. Please don’t pretend you know what I would do. You cannot predict my actions based on actions of others. Especially when you never asked the previous nurse either.



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