It’s like this chic…

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

It’s not really my fault. I did not approach you and draw a knife across your arm. I am not the reason you are here. But the ball is rolling now. If I were you I would sit back and endure the ride.
You see, my friend, cussing at us and playing one against the other just isn’t gonna work. We have seen this game too many times for that.
No, I don’t really care what the nice lady before me did to break policy. That is not my problem. I only worry about my license.
Heartless and uncaring are the labels you have given me. Oh well, those are absolutely not the worst things I have ever been called. If your intent was to hurt or offend me in any way you failed. Sorry.
You will be leaving our little ER and will be admitted to a facility. Not until after I leave but I assure you that it will happen. No matter what you have to say or how ugly you are from now till then.
So why don’t you play nice and stop trying to manipulate us in the interim. (The big crocodile tears are not getting you anywhere either.)
Have a nice day.
The Cold and Heartless one.


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