Why not do your job…

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

You told me in report the patient was incontinent. You also told me that she has to be changed frequently. (And with an IV rate of 125 cc an hour I am not surprised)
So my question is why didn’t you change her? About an hour after you left she was soaked. That was not shocking to me. Her depend, the sheets, the gown being wet made me a little suspicious, but the IV was going in fast. What tipped me off that you hadn’t changed her in (not a couple but) several hours, is the fact that her depend was not just soaked thru but had started to disintegrate. This lady is confused and can’t really communicate how uncomfortable she is. How could you leave her this way? Would you want this sort of treatment? How did you sleep that night?


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