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Ganey.  This term makes me cringe every time.

This refers to the infamous survey that is sent out to patients after they stay with us. Patients are asked to rate their experience with us from 1 to 5. (and we of course “Strive for five!”) The questions range from what us as nurses to to how the doctors treat the patient. Questions are asked about temp control in the room and the food as well.

Now the survey itself I have no issue with. It is a good thing to have feedback. We can’t fix issues we know nothing about.

However, what I take issue with is the infallibility that is placed upon this report. One month my unit placed in the 9th percentile. Now it may be a little self-serving but I am sure my coworkers and I do not do that bad of a job. The very next month we had a score in the 97th percentile. What changes occurred from one month to the next in our practice? None really. It’s all in the manner of the survey. One month you may only receive 6 returns. One bad rating and you are sunk for the month.

Also any little perception may cloud the rest of the survey. One missed IV stick in ER can render several “This nurse tried to kill me stories”. It just clouds judgement. Most of healthcare will soon be getting reimbursed based on these numbers and it just infuriates me. I fail to see the accuracy in it.

(stepping off soapbox now. Thank you)


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