Dear patient….

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

I am truly sorry you are in pain. Please believe me when I say that if I could fix this problem I would. I don’t like seeing my patients in pain. I don’t like hearing you moan and groan. I prefer to fix whatever is making you uncomfortable.

I truly do understand that you are not at your best right now. That being the case I will willingly overlook some random swearing. When you forget and use your affected limb, feel free to shout out some colorful phrases if that helps.

However cussing out my staff because you hurt is NOT ok. It is not Susie, CNA’s fault that your blood pressure is only 90/58. It is also not Becca, RN’s fault that this an unsafe pressure to receive 4mg of morphine. If she gave this to you now it just might kill you. I know last night you threatened to do just that (which is why I have been sitting here watching and hearing you hurt all night without being able to fix it) but we WILL NOT help that process along. You see we all took this pledge thingie at the beginning of our careers that kinda stops us from doing something that we know is gonna kill you. Still cussing her is not a great option. (I might even overlook this offense if it had brought your pressure up enough to be able to give the meds but no dice. So STOP IT NOW!)

The most ironic part here was learning you are an ordained minister.


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