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In Uncategorized on June 20, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

There are a couple of day shift nurses that make me cringe when I see them. And for different reasons. For one of them though, it is because she doesn’t medicate for pain. Multiple times I have followed her and spent half the night trying to control someone’s pain because she let it get out of hand.

I understand and appreciate when there is a clinical reason for withholding meds. If the BP is in the crapper then no please don’t take the chance of dropping it further. It is when there is no good reason for holding it that gets me upset. Pain OS defined and rated by the patient. We can never just look at someone and truly tell that they are lying about their pain. We can have our suspicions but we will never be able to prove them without a confession.

One day I took over care of a lady on HOSPICE that we had medicated routinely the previous shift. But all day this woman was never given anything. The CNA would tell the nurse that the patient was moaning. The nurse would then suggest repositioning as the pain management course and that would be it. Family was not impressed. This woman was dying in pain. On HOSPICE. Unacceptable in my book.

Please if someone is in pain. Fix it if possible.

Thank you. That is all for now.


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