Don’t ya wanna….

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Ok girly moment here, but doesn’t this pic make you want to curl up in his arms and cuddle for a little while.

I saw Fast 5 over the weekend (and am making tentative plans to see it again tonight) and loved it! Very therapeutic moment to see Vin and his two almost-as-sexy costars. My spirits were indeed lifted as I left that theatre. So if you haven’t seen it yet ENJOY! (and stay for all the credits!)


2 Responses to “Don’t ya wanna….”

  1. Okay, so you like to read Dr. Grumpy AND you’re a fan of Vin Diesel ….. That’s just awesome. I LOVED Fast Five ( but I Almost went into full blown mental crisis because I couldn’t decide if Vin Dirsel or Dwayne Johnson was the hottest 😉

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