Working with women….

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2011 by talesfromtheniteshift

Sometimes I forget how bad it can be working with mostly women. Women (like teenage girls) can just be catty and mean. A few nights ago I had a pretty rough night. (looong story for another time) It was pretty bad and included a code blue. It was one of those codes where the patient made it despite everything. From coding him on the floor to the crash cart being so unorganized that we couldn’t find a thing.  Just a bad time for all.
The worst part though was the other nurses.

Our med/surg floor is set up with a central station that serves both medical and surgical. The units then spread out to either direction. We nurses are able to converse over a short divider and can even intermingle if we so choose. (and often have if there has been a shortage of seats on one side) So we all know each other and typically help each other answer questions and the like. We help one another in bad times too. Many a time a nurse or two will jump across and help our fellow nurses. We have joint potlucks and generally have a good time. But the other night that camaraderie just wasn’t there. After this code my RN overheard the team from the other side badmouthing us. Really making fun and second guessing things that happened which they didn’t even see. It made this a little worse to know that people who should have had your back didn’t. I wouldn’t have expected a pep rally but getting slammed onto of everything else just made a bad situation that much worse.


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