Around and around she goes…..

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And where I land …no one knows….

I float a lot at my job. I float so much in fact that I am often an adopted sibling on most of the floors that I frequent the most.  I move around so much that I can no longer claim ignorance about the normal routines. I am told that I know better. I float from med/surg to obs to rehab to ICU to ER and back again. Most of the time I am not bothered by this. There are even a few positives.  Here are a few.

1. All the people I get to meet.  From  the patients to staff I get to see a lot more people than those who don’t float.

2. All the neat experiences I get.  I see many aspects of nursing care because I move around so much.

3. And when others float to my floor I can be even more helpful to them because I am a familiar face. They see me and know they can ask any question.  Also I can in some way anticipate what they need to know based on my knowledge of where they usually are staffed.

4. I can also see the story from all sides, this helps to cut down a little on interdepartmental issues (doesn’t cure them just helps to soften them a bit). I have been able to explain to the nurses on the floor why a particular task doesn’t get done in ER consistently.  I can also help explain to ER why the floor nurses are sticklers for certain things. This can help calm tempers on crazy nights.

This post sounds a little self-serving but I just needed to remind myself of the good parts to floating as I listen to those around me continually complain about having to. (of course this is mainly coming from those who never do…..

The Nite Nurse


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