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Worked with a nurse a few weeks ago who kinda scared me a little. She is an LPN who is about to graduate RN school and will sit for boards. She actually approached an RN after taking vitals and asked her the following. “So he is only breathing about nine breaths a minute. I counted for the full minute twice. But he was sound asleep, should I wake him up?” Well the RN did and he was fine. They had increased his narcs that day which combined with sleep apnea accounted for the decrease in resps. This of course resolved upon waking the patient. But really she walked all the way down the hall to ask the question? I just thought “wow”

And she may soon be your nurse. Happy thoughts huh?

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4 Responses to “Really…..”

  1. So you are getting on her case for asking? Are you the one they talk about when they say nurses eat their own.

    • Actually, no I did not get on her case. Proper education was provided regarding what to do if this situation ever comes up again. My comments here on this blog serve only to vent my frustration that she thinks she knows all and obviously doesn’t. None of us do. It kinda annoys me when someone fresh out of school acts like that know everything when those who have been at this a while are aware how often we still ask questions. I always answer them in a professional manner however. Never have I “eaten the young”. I remember being there myself.

      I do get a little nervous when a college educated person walks from the end of the hall to ask if the pt should be woken up. And to think in a few months she will hold the lives of about 7 people in her hand for 12 hours.

  2. I don’t quite understand what you mean by being nervous. Why are you nervous by her asking? Unless there are some details and nuances you aren’t telling, it appears that she is asking you, the experienced nurse, for your expertise. How is her asking indicative of her future as a nurse? Are you suggesting that it was an incredibly stupid question, that perhaps she should have exercised some common sense in this matter (this is the only explanation I could come up with). Are you being sarcastic? Please elaborate – I am a pre-nursing student and I am interested in best practices.

    • First I want to point out again that this blog is for my venting purposes only. In no way did I belittle or ridicule her.

      Also these posts are composites of almost ten years in this business. Not every story is exactly what went down. Details have been changed.

      Yes I feel she should have used a little common sense here. Most people nurse or not would wake someone up if their breathing concerned them. She was about to obtain blood pressures and would need to disturb them regardless of being concerned about the breathing. Why come the full length of the hall before proceeding? If breathing is the concern remain with the pt and call for help. Either by the call light, or the hospital phones to call the nurse or the station for them to find the nurse.

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