Here’s a story for ya…….

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Ok, I couldn’t resist one story to get you started.

This is one of the funny moments that I’ll never forget. My patient had been pretty sick the last couple of nites. (not a big surprise given that she was in the hospital I know but she just felt crummy) This morning she was looking a little better though. As she was a diabetic, I was taking her blood sugar and asked which of her fingers she wanted poked this time. She looked up at me grinned really big and enthusiastically said “Yours!”   We both chuckled as I politely declined and we ran the test. She was a little sweet, so I returned shortly with a small amount of insulin. As I checked her ID yet again, I asked which arm she wanted her insulin in. She looked up at me grinned mischievously and said just as emphatically as before “Hers!” as she thumbed beyond the curtain to her roommate.

I still chuckle today when I recall that morning!

The Nite Nurse

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